Todd Talbot, HGTV Host

“Having known Marco for a number of years and working together on charity events I know first hand that he is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure to get to know him. Like his play on the field, Marco brings an energy and passion to his work in front of an audience and has a story and presence that everyone in the room feels. There are certain individuals who have the capacity to understand the dynamics of audience and the ability to tailor their presentation to that group.”

Michael "Pinball" Clemens, CFL All-Time great, 5x Grey Cup Champion

"Marco's academic, athletic and professional prowess is heralded, but his gift to the world is his uncommon humanity. Witty, comical and comfortable he disarms audiences with his humility and inspires them with his indomitable spirit and work ethic. Proud to call Marco a will be too!"

Mitch Berger, NFL 16 yr veteran, Super Bowl Champion

“Marco is as high character an individual you will come across. His maturity is beyond his years as well as his intelligence in life and as a financial advisor. I put my personal and families financial future in his hands and that continues to stand as one of the best decisions of my life. I have attended several public events with Marco and he is brilliant with the mic.”

Travis Lulay, CFL 12 yr veteran, MOP, Grey Cup Champion

“Marco and I were teammates for 7 years, including the 2011 Grey Cup Championship season. During that time, I grew to admire Marco’s ability to balance a professional football career, a budding wealth management business, and a strong commitment to community involvement - all while raising a young family. Marco has a unique story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles in life, and can tell it with a big smile and a few laughs. He’s sure to add value to all types of public events.”

Pete Dupuis, Co-Founder S&P Real Estate Corp, Co-Founder World Housing CCC

“I highly recommend Marco for your next keynote. If you are looking for a high energy, powerful message, delivered with humour, grace and substance, Marco is  your man. On and off the field he he is on point, a must see.”

Michael Bentley, CEO & Founder Sierrasil

"Marco gives double meaning to being quick on his feet! He’s a successful professional athlete in football positions that require agility and speed. Marco is also remarkably quick witted on stage helping to raise significant funds for the numerous charities that he supports.  Yes he is gifted, but I also truly respect his work ethic and focus, to do what matters and do it really well." 

Katy Harandi, CEO & President Canuck Autism Network & PALS Autism School

“Please accept this correspondence as confirmation that I have known Mr M. Iannuzzi for the past 7 years. During this time I have seen him hard at work on a number of events, galas and fundraisers in Vancouver. I find him to be a very genuine individual with a warm and friendly demeanor and a big smile. He has a very good stage presence, knows how to work the crowd, command their attention and has a great sense of humor. He would be a great speaker for any audience young or old.”

Kimberly Snow, Founder & CEO, Kimz Angels

Have any of you ever met an Angel?😇 Well I have, Marco Iannuzzi. One of the BIGGEST HEARTED❤ people you will ever meet, I really get the honour of calling him a friend. I always loved watching him play, the energy, and that smile keeps you on your toes! Awesome player, great leader, always thinking of others. Always volunteering, giving back to the community, saving silently SUFFERING SOULS. A GREAT father, husband and friend. ALWAYS takes the time out of his busy schedule to make a difference in people's lives. Thank you for being a great roll model to so many, keep up the good work! Kimzangels are so HONORED to have your SUPPORT! 🙏

Cst. Shawn Gore, Vancouver Police, 8yr CFL veteran, Grey Cup Champion

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Marco Iannuzzi for the last 7 years and working along side him while playing professional football for 6 of those years.  He is an honest, lighthearted man with great values.  He truly cares about people and is willing to go out of his way to positively impact the lives of those around him. His work ethic is second to none and I believe that is why he is such a good husband, father, friend, and role model.  He is a winner who has excelled in sports, school, business and life. He has excelled in every single thing that he has taken on, that's just the type of person he is. His ability to connect with his audience allows him to make a true impact with people young or old from any background.”

Howard Blank, CEO Point Blank Ent., past VP Great Canadian Gaming Corp

“Marco Iannuzzi is an accomplished athlete and an amazing public speaker and motivator. I have had the privilege  of working on stage with Marco and recommend him as an excellent choice be it for a corporate, strategic, philanthropic, or public event.”

Dr. Raymond Chow, Doctor of Optometry, 44 years and counting

“I have watched Marco Iannuzzi evolve from the beginning of his CFL career as a professional athlete. Over the  years, I have attended numerous functions where he had been the MC. Wherever he was speaking, he always delivered. Displaying humour, sharp wit and confidence in front of every crowd, he really commands attention when there is a microphone in his hand. His vibrant stage presence alone is entertaining for any audience making it so pleasurable to be in attendance." 

Melanie Hubert, Partner - Corp Ten International Engineering, Philanthropist

“I have attended social and charitable functions at which Marco Iannuzzi has been recruited to host, and to serve as auctioneer. In addition to being highly respected by his peers, Marco has always been well sought after;  whether it be for his generosity of spirit, diversity in intellect, or his passion for a job well done. Marco possesses a superb balance of charisma and professionalism, and without a doubt he is a tremendous asset to anyone looking for commanding stage presence with a relatable human touch.”

Kurt Svoboda, Associate AD University of Michigan, Stanford, Harvard

“While at Harvard, Marco was the epitome of the defined "student-athlete" - except that he was more than that. Marco sacrificed significantly to gain admission to Harvard and, upon enrollment, designed his own area of study while competing in football and raising a family. I can only the imagine the talent, intelligence, dedication, work ethic and patience it took to make all three aspects of his life manageable anywhere let alone at Harvard. I highly recommend Marco in whatever application is of interest to him - he will master it and conduct himself with humility, grace and attention to detail. Marco is one of the great success stories and I will follow his travels in professional football player and life afterward as a shining example to my own son.”